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When your special day is already going to be stressful enough, don’t add to it by hiring someone that isn’t qualified enough to create that Masterpiece. It’s like hiring a Medical Doctor right out of Med School. He is licensed; however, the overall skill set is lacking. You only get highly qualified, licensed educators that have a history of doing beauty to its best with Bella Volto. You deserve the best!



Make up– $100.00 and Up

Air brush make up– add $ 35.00
* all on site locations up to a 50 mile radius

Bridesmaids / Mothers/ Grandmothers:

Make up– $55.00 (In House ) per person
Make up- $65.00 ( on site location) per person     Airbrush add- $25 per person

bridal-makeup-hairBridal trial:

Make up (In House) $75.00
Airbrush (In House) add $20.00

Bridal Hair:

Hair down– $75.00 and up (In House)
Hair up– $100.00 and up (In House)

On site- add $25.00

Bridal party hair:

(This Includes Brides Maids, Jr.Brides Maids, mothers and grandmothers)

Hair down– $45.00 and up (In House) per person
Hair up-$55.00 and up (In House) per person
On site add $10.00 (per person)

Flower girl:

Hair down– 25.00 (In House)
Hair up-35.00 (In House)

On site add 10.00

Custom Packages can be created. Select from, Make-Up, Hair and Skin Care options

We can and will work with your Photographer, Videographer or any other Vendor to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch.