Tape on verses Beaded extensions

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Hi Dolls, happy hump day!
Today on Cose Bella I’m going to explain the difference between tape on and beaded extensions. I get ask a lot “how do I know which type of extensions are right for me”. Well let me give you my opinion and expertise on 2 types of hair extensions.
Tape on extensions ,best extensions if you have fine hair, it takes around a full hour to put in a while head of tape on extensions plus cutting and styling time. The required maintenance for tape on’s is every 6-8 weeks depending how fast your hair growth is snd is good for about 4 applications before having to buy more hair. All hair must be removed every 8 weeks cleaned, re taped, and re installed. If your not sure you want to be married to your color or extensions for the next 6 months then tape on’s are the way to go, they can be removed and reinstalled as you please and ladies if your wanting your man to run his hands through your hair or be able to have versatile styles then tapes on’s are not for you.
Let’s talk about beaded extensions, beaded extensions are more permanent and harder to remove, it takes a good 3 hours to put in plus time for cutting and styling. Beaded extensions are best for medium to course hair, I do not like beaded on fine hair because they put to much weight on the root. It takes approximately 3 hours to remove the beads and that does not include the time to shampoo and dry your hair for a new set. The longer you go in-between visits the longer you will be sitting in the chair. Beads should be moved up every 8-10 weeks. Every couple of bead moves you will need to replace some hair and some beads due to the fact that some hair will wear out faster then others. The better you care for your extensions the less issues you will have. I highly suggest using a WET brush to get all tangled out wet or dry hair. If you are looking for versatility with volume and style and more hair added then beaded are definitely the way to go. Being a professional hairstylist in the television and motion picture industry I work with extensions on a daily bases so we have many resources for hair but if you are a regular Hair client that wants extensions I suggest you visit The Hair Shop, they have beautiful quality , amazing color palette and they are reasonably priced.

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